Festival Center

During the festival, "Festival Center (Information center about Toyooka Theater Festival)" will be open in front of Toyooka Station. We are available to assist those who are unsure about which performances to watch and those who would like detailed information about transportation options between venues. You can purchase tickets directly at the counter too. Please feel free to visit us.

Address:1-29 Otemachi, Toyooka city

Meeting Spot

"Meeting Spots," multipurpose spaces where visitors and locals can interact with each other. Starting last year, The Toyooka spot is located at "まちの基地アンテナ(Machi no Kichi Anntenna)" and the Ebara spot was located at "江原101(Ebara 101)". Official goods will be available for purchase, and refreshments will be served.
Take a break between trips, ask about nearby tourist attractions, etc. Please feel free to stop by.

Official Meeting Spot

Machi no Kichi Antenna

1F Haramaki Building, 1-4 Chuo-cho, Toyooka city
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Ebara 101

101 Ebara, Hidaka-cho, Toyooka City


Nine Attractive Areas

Beyond the six distinctive areas of Toyooka City - from its modern downtown area, to the hot spring town of Kinosaki - the neighboring Yabu City and Kami Town are also venues for the theater festival. At the Toyooka Theater Festival, the audiences come into contact with a diversity of stage expressions while visiting areas that are full of individuality.
Toyooka Theater Festival 2024 will also include Asago City and Takarazuka City in its area.


There are many modern buildings that were rebuilt after the 1925 earthquake in the center of Toyooka City. By crossing the Maruyama River, the countryside spreads out, and you can see wild Oriental White Storks, the symbol of the area. The Professional College of Arts and Tourism (CAT), which opened in 2021, is also used as a Toyooka Theater Festival venue.

  • University
  • Modern architecture
  • rural landscape


A famous hot spring destination for over a millennium. The sight of tourists wearing yukata (light cotton kimono) and clacking geta (traditional wooden sandals) as they walk through the city has been shared on social media, attracting attention both domestically and internationally.
Artist-in-residence facilities specializing in performing arts at the Kinosaki International Arts Center (KIAC) and local ryokan (Japanese-style hotels) serve as venues for the Toyooka Theater Festival. There are many sightseeing spots such as the Genbudo Caves and Kinosaki Ropeway.

  • Hot Springs Town
  • literature
  • Geopark


Takeno Beach, which faces the Sea of Japan, has been selected as one of Japan's Top 100 Beaches, and is known for its beautiful sandy landscape and crystal clear waters.
The streets facing the sea are lined with intricate alleys and houses made of burnt cedar boards from the Meiji Period (1868-1912), and you will also see a fishing port and boathouses near the Takeno River. At the Toyooka Theater Festival, the venue will be a place where you can feel close to the sea and the port town.

  • Beach
  • Fishing port
  • Alley


Kannabe is a resort area in Kansai (Western Japan) with villas and ski slopes. It is a hilly area where you can enjoy activities such as paragliding, grass skiing, and mountaineering. There are many lodging facilities such as guesthouses, so it is also recommended as a place to stay during the Toyooka Theater Festival.

  • Plateau
  • village
  • camping


Ebara is known as the "Crossroads of Tajima", which has developed along the Tajima Highway on the left bank of the Maruyama River.
The area is the key to local transportation. Built in 1935, the former Hidaka town hall was rebuilt as the "Ebara Riverside Theatre" (ERST) in 2020 and is equipped with a theater and studio which are used as a venue for the Toyooka Theater Festival.

  • Riverside Theatre
  • Maruyama River
  • Old Highway


Izushi is a quaint area with many old buildings. It flourished as a castle town in the Edo period (1603-1868).
Eirakukan, the oldest theater in Kansai, and the Izushi Castle Ruins overlooking the cityscape are the venues of the Toyooka Theater Festival.

  • Castle Town
  • Theatre house
  • Plate Soba


Tanto is dotted with many shrines in its farming fields. In the precincts of shrines in this area, many rural stages were built for performances by troupes of traveling entertainers and farmers themselves, and even today, nearly 20 of these stages still exist.

  • Rural Stage
  • rural setting
  • eggs on rice


Yabu-city is located in the center of the Tajima region. It is an area surrounded by magnificent nature such as Mt.Hyonosen, the highest mountain in Hyogo Prefecture, located in the western part of the city.

  • A city difficult to how to read
  • Yabu Shrine
  • Special Agricultural Zone


Kami-cho, known for its abundant crab catch and one of the top crab fishing towns in the country, boasts several seaside resorts along its coastline. Visitors can enjoy the diverse terrain and beautiful nature of the San'in Kaigan UNESCO Global Geopark area. Don't miss the opportunity to experience our Theater Festival along with the scenic beauty of the ocean in Kasumi, Kami-cho.

  • Rias coast-deeply indented coastline
  • Daijyoji Temple
  • Amarube railway bridge