Support Staff

Support staff who will connect artists, audiences, and the local community. They will ensure that those who attend the theater festival not only enjoy the performances and events but also have a fulfilling experience and create lasting memories by introducing the charms of the town and providing opportunities for sightseeing.

Please note that the recruitment for this year has already been closed.

"Furusato Nozei" - Hometown tax donation program

About Sponsorship and Donations for the Toyooka Theater Festival 2023:

The Toyooka Theater Festival Executive Committee is inviting support and contributions from companies, organizations, and individuals who wish to assist in the operation of the Toyooka Theater Festival.

< Partners >

Partners are companies or organizations that align with the purpose of the Toyooka Theater Festival and collaborate on joint projects during the Toyooka Theater Festival 2023 or provide sponsorship above a certain amount.

< Supporters >

Supporters are companies or organizations that support the purpose of the Toyooka Theater Festival and provide sponsorship for the Toyooka Theater Festival 2023, as well as individuals who make donations.

If you wish to participate as a sponsor or make a donation, please contact the Toyooka Theater Festival Executive Committee. Your generous support will contribute to the success of the festival and enrich the cultural experience for all participants.

< Corporate Supporters under the Hometown Tax Donation Program >

Corporate supporters are companies that have made donations to Toyooka City under the Corporate Hometown Tax Donation System (Regional Revitalization Support Tax System).


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    Cooperation: FUJIFILM Corporation
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